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While in the Cold War with the Soviet Union, the US sought to protect those countries from falling under Soviet influence after Britain announced that it could no longer give them aid. On March 12, 1947, do my essay for me he called write my essay for me immediate economic and military aid to Greece, which was threatened by communist insurrection, and do an essay for me to Turkey, which was under pressure form Soviet expansion in the Mediterranean. In addition to these occurrences, in June of 1950, Stalin had looked as if to support the plans of North Korean Communist leader, Kim II Sung to attack South Korea. All of the tourist attractions are going to be more successful if they get full support from the residents. I support Machan’s views on animal rights and livelihood. Offering reduced chairlift rates might attract more tourists and the resort could work in conjunction with local accommodation outlets to provide cheap packages. The second step would be to look at how many tourists are visiting the Queenstown district and see how essential it is to create more accommodation or attractions. do my essay for me