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Although spoken by a man in a different circumstance, Banquo insults the witches out of fear and uncertainty, best essay much like Lady Macduff. Acts that affect a person's mind expose their true personas, much like how the 9/11 bombings affected George W. Bush. Macbeth. This comforts Macduff, because the human mind works in a way that enjoys taking an eye for write an essay eye. Government levels by taking care of the management process of call for tender notices and displaying them on their Website, best essay therefore allowing for a larger distribution. This questioning of Macbeth's manhood drives him to defend himself, cheap essay and eventually prove himself to Lady Macbeth. In Macbeth, the idea of insulting one's manhood begins as Lady Macbeth cruelly asks of Macbeth, "What, quite unmanned in folly?" (Shakespeare III.iv.88). Even though Macbeth seems unprovoked, he curses and demands "Stars, hide your fires;/ Let not light see my black and deep desires" (Shakespeare I.iv.57-58) for Malcolm has stolen what he believes is his right to the throne. best essay